Is Geocentrism Possible?
What About Current Science?
The Development of Relativity Geocentrism 101
Galileo Was Wrong


We have all been told since knee high that the earth goes around the sun. It has become such an accepted fact, that almost no one questions it. What this website will do is to show that in fact geocentrism has never been disproven; that the current theories about the universe are based on a long string of assumptions, which if changed would cause us to radically reinterpret our observations; that science has no direct proof for these assumptions, but rather chooses them as a philosophical choice; that many observations could be interpreted as proof of geocentrism (geostationism) just as readily, and in some cases more so than current big-bang, acentric, expanding universe cosmology.

THE PRINCIPLE- The Movie Big Science Does NOT want YOU to see. SEE IT NOW.

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