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First Catholic Conference on Geocentrism

Saturday, November 6, 2010
Hilton Garden Inn, South Bend, Indiana (near Notre Dame)
Registration opens at 7:45am
Conference begins at 8:30am & concludes at 10:30pm

Dr. Robert Sungenis: Geocentrism: They Know It But They're Hiding It

Mr. Mark Wyatt: Introduction to the Mechanics of Geocentrism

Dr. Robert Bennett: Scientific Experiments Showing Earth Motionless in Space

Msr. Rick/Wyn Delano: Scientific Evidence: Earth in the Center of the Universe

Mr. Martin Selbrede: Answering Common Objections to Geocentrism

Dr. Gerry Bouw: The Biblical Firmament: Outer Space is Not Empty

Dr. Robert Sungenis: Galileo and the Church: What Really Happened?

Mr. John Salza, Esq.: The Fathers and Exegesis of Scripture on Geocentrism

Dr. E. Michael Jones: English Ideology, Newton & the Exploitation of Science

Mr. Hugh Miller: Carbon 14 & Radiometric Dating Show Young Earth

$50 per person, with complimentary luncheon

To pre-register, call Kari at 1.800.531.6393 or email to cairomeo@aol.com. All major credit cards accepted. Donations also accepted for the sponsor: CAI Publishing, Inc., a 501c3 tax.exempt corp.
Students and clergy admitted free, with identification.

Full Brochure and Schedule of Lectures